Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A slice of pie from Park City Pizza

Pizza Place
Park City Pizza at Kimball Junction
Unknown.  Bought a pie.
Extra cheesy!  Very stringy, chewy.
A bit sweet, I could taste a little salt.  Smooth texture. 
Crunchy on the outside, light and doughy on the inside.
Size of slice
Niceness of server (I'm a paying kid, so I'll let you know if they're polite to me or rude.)
Server was very nice.  She even gave me brownies to take home! 
Overall flavor
Delicious.  Cheese was smothered over the olives, so that changed the overall flavor. 
Appearance (over-baked, burned)
Perfect.  Not overcooked or undercooked. 
My rating
9.5 of 10
Why? Pizza was so hot when I first got it - I had to let it sit.  
I like that the slices were thick and filling, not wimpy and thin.  
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  1. Thanks for the visit (and great review)! We are having happy kids hour daily from 3pm to 6pm now--$5 mini cheese and soda (starving student special) FREE WIFI, old school board games, movies and more! Hope you can visit us again soon